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At the moment we are glad to propose:

  • Sound effects design for projects of various genres (film, video, animation, ads, video games, etс.)

    While creating high-quality sound effects we apply different methods of working with sound, such as: recording, editing, synthesis, processing and mixing. Our goal is to develop objective features of characters, objects and/or events, as well as to establish sound elements that help build subjective attitude and to guide viewers' emotional perception in a desirable way.

  • Originally composed Drone Music

    An appropriately created Drone Track is able to develop emotional content of a scene. The advantage of Drone Music consists in its ability to maintain the high level of emotional impact, while captivating the viewers' attention without excessive distraction.

  • Ambient sound recording in ORTF Surround format.

    Currently, we are collecting your suggestions on Ambient sounds that you would like to see in our catalog. Please submit your suggestions through this form. Don't forget to include your active email address, so we could contact you in case we recorded something that you have suggested.

If you'd like to order our service please send us an email message, we will reply as soon as possible. In order to prevent the message from going to spam or to avoid cases of incorrectly entered email addresses, we suggest you to create your Q-Sounds account and to use its Message module in order to correspond with us.

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