Sound Design for Motion Media

Sound Designer comments:

The basic idea of this clip is a promotion of a brand. For that reason I tried to underline features that could convince viewer in the significance of this brand. I paid attention to the matter, movement and size of the object as they could metaphorically tell viewers about this brand's features. My intention was to make it heavy, solid, powerful and having some hidden energy.


This clip brings the theme of Urbanism. Being guided by this key point I have tried to create an appropriate mood that underscores the pace of big city life. Each shot is dedicated to portraying a place in the city (railroad station, city street, downtown and others). So, for each of these shots I built a background that supports the individuality of the place. Furthermore, each shot-to-shot transition has its own sound that I tried to make organically related to visual elements of these transitions. In order to build a united form out of individual shots and to create continuity, I wrote a music line that underscores the rhythm and synthetic nature of the city.

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