Sound Design for Animated Film

Sound Designer comments:

This is a short story about a policeman depressed by the inhumanity and the aggressiveness of society, but he has been returned in optimistic mood by a spontaneous act of kindness and care from a mentally ill old lady.

In this film I tried to maintain a high level of sound realism because otherwise it could destruct audience from the seriousness of the narrative. Sound elements that support character development play an important role in this film. For example, the sound of the old lady's footsteps attracts viewers' attention to the fact that she wears only one sock, and this fact is a reference to her mental state. The sonic characteristic of the pot that she holds in her hand is also important because it can tell the audience that this pot made of a very cheap metal. The sound of policeman's breath underscores his emotional state, that is why it was very important to choose appropriate intonation and rhythm and cut it the way it sounds natural.

While creating a music element for the opening title I tried to establish the initial emotional state of the policeman. As for the climax of the film, I wrote a music cue that is supposed to direct viewers through the internal spiritual changes in the policeman. I tried to enhance it not only with a melody line, but also with the timbre of instruments.

Silver Award in Sound For Visual Media Category. Audio Engineering Society Student Recording Competition at the 138th AES Convention

Best Student Film Award. 38th National Short Film Festival in Drama

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